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V Screen

This unique V-Screen is perfect for the sizing and watering or dewatering of fine materials. By using centrifugal force and a drum shaped screen cloth, the combination of rotation and vibration is five times the force of gravity. By controlling the speed at which the drum rotates, profitable separations are possible to 2 mesh and below. It is available with washing attachments and either single or double discharge bases.


Dewatering Sand/Gravel

Prep Asphalt/Concrete

Lightweight Materials


Roofing Granuals

Limestone Chips

Precise Sizing

Glass Sand


Iron Ore



Air currents flowing through the inside of the V Screen have a great influence in getting the fines through the screen cloth, so that there is virtually no undersize material in the oversize product. Very useful in screening lightweight materials.

For set ups where washing is needed, an internal spray mechanism of 12 nozzles and a swivel attachment is available as an option. The nozzles can deliver 50 gallons per minute at 40 pounds pressure. The wet-type base design we offer has a protected inlet as standard equipment.


The Symons V Screen is a very efficient screen, in actual use efficiency ratings of up to 98%. Due to the extra force of centrifugal action, particles of undersize material in the near-size range will pass through the openings in the screen cloth more readily than they would on conventional screens, which utilize only gravity.

As the material vibrates inside the drum, it stratifies, so that the fines are separated from the coarser ones, allowing the undersize to move quickly through the openings. Material always comes in contact with the screen directly perpendicular to the openings. Each particle is brought towards the opening with the greatest chance of it fitting through, giving you more precise sizing.

The continual feeding of material into the drum allows it to be evenly distributed along the entire 3' x 12' screening surface, resulting in the most efficient screening operations.


Easy Cloth Install

The design of the V Screen makes changing screen cloth a snap. Two 3' x 6' pieces of screen cloth are joined together with strips along the 3' edge. The two are then wrapped around the screening cage and tensioned to it by bolts threaded through the strips. The tensioning method of mounting the cloth prevent premature wear and tear on the cloth due to the flexing of wires, allowing the use of cloth with very fine wire diameters. Rubber strips behind the cloth at the top and bottom of the drum provide a seal.

Drum Speeds

Variable drum speeds to get the maximum capacity and greatest efficiency in screening or dewatering, drum rotation speeds range from 60 to 78 RPM with an 1800 RPM motor. This works by using a V-belt with a variable pitch motor sheave and companion screen sheave. The 60 to 78 RPM drum rotation speed range produces gyrations of from 840 to 1092 pulsations per minute. The entire V-belt drive and variable pitch sheave is standard equipment for the V Screen.

Long Cloth Life

The unique screening action, eliminating violent impact against the screen cloth combined with the head-on approach of material with the screen cloth makes the V Screen very easy on screen cloth. Exceptionally long screen life has been reported by most operators.

Fewer Service Hours

The drum assembly has six sturdy uprights between the drum top and the vaned feed distribution plate, and strong channel construction at the bottom.

A screening cage of large openings is bolted to the uprights through spacers. The screen cloth is tensioned around the cage.

The vaned feed distribution plate at the top of the drum rotates in unison with the drum and provides fast uniform dispersal of feed to the screening surface.

Environment /Drive

The screening drum is fully enclosed in a dust-proof and watertight housing with easily removable door panels.

A standard 7.5 hp., 1800 rpm, normal starting torque, ball bearing motor is all that is required for power. You mount it in a vertical position. No side rails are necessary.

Screen Size No. Decks Weight lbs. Feed in T.P.H. Cloth Width H.P. Deck Length Feed Box Overall Height Discharge Width Shipping Width O.S. Base Base Length Base Width
36 x 144 1 3300   36  7.5     111 10" Dia.     67 67