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F Asphalt Plant Screen

The Asphalt Plant Screen is specially designed to meet the demanding requirements of asphalt plant operations. Both the F Screen and F60 have been adapted to provide special requirements involving sizing, collection and dust control, needed in asphalt plant screening.









Versatility allows the user to select from a number of screen arrangements to suit your particular requirements. Special conveyor pans, ball deck arrangements, and Symons end tension cloth arrangement are available as optional equipment.


Standard double deck arrangement most used on Asphalt Plant Screens for 4-Bin mix. This configuration includes an opening in the bottom deck using four sizes of wire cloth to provide four finished products and an oversize.

A variation of the double deck arrangement using the Symons Split Deck feature. A special half deck cloth is introduced between the No.1 cloth and No. 2 cloth to reduce the thickness of the pad of material going to the No. 1 cloth, thus increasing capacity and improving screening accuracy. This arrangement is particularly effective on fine size mixes.

Utilizing the Symons Split Deck feature as an additional sizing deck to provide five finished products. This configuration is most useful where a variety of mixes are being produced with the same wire cloth set-up.

The popular 3 1/2 deck arrangement used on many of the larger size Asphalt Plant Screens. It provides the maximum screening area for the No. 1 and No. 2 cloths to meet the high tonnage requirements of big production plants.

A variation of the standard 3 1/2 deck arrangement to provide five finished products plus oversize. Similar to the 4-Bin set-up near maximum screening area is available on the No. 1 and No. 2 cloths for high tonnage operation.



Modern asphalt plants demand high capacity production of closely sized aggregates. The F Asphalt Plant Screen has long proved its ability to meet demanding specifications required for rescreening.


Easily adapted to almost any bin configuration. The low headroom and favorable dimensions make it ideal for portable plant application.

No Vibrations

The design insures that very little vibration is transmitted to the base of the screen. The entire screen is mounted on coil springs effectively isolating all vibration from the plant. This fully protects the scales and batching equipment of the automated plant.

Dust Housing

A complete dust housing with removable top and side covers for easy accessibility to all parts. The shaft assembly, motor and V-belt drive are located outside the dust housing, away from heat and dust of operation.


Each asphalt plant screen is custom built to meet a particular plant configuration. Screen arrangements are available for 2, 3, 4 or 5 bin mixes to meet the most demanding specifications.